nanoStream – Live Video Streaming with Your Brand

Live Encoding, Streaming and Playback. End-to-End. Cross-platform.

Create your own live streaming applications for your business. Nanocosmos offers unique cross-platform solutions for live streaming applications, realtime, with low latency!


nanocosmos presents their new nanoStream apps and SDKs, now including end-to-end live streaming for all mobile, browser, and desktop platforms. With the new streaming service, we can control the complete video workflow and latency from camera all the way to the audience. The cross-platform approach allows an easy integration of any app on any device for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac or web browsers apps.

Check out our newest updates for live encoding, streaming, and playback apps and toolkits on all platforms!

New nanoStream 4.6 SDK and apps with technology enhancements and new product features:

  • New! end-to-end streaming backend
  • New nanoStream Live Encoder 4.6 for iOS and Android:
      • Stream like Periscope:

    • Improved vertical (Portrait) and landscape live streaming
    • Improved adaptive bitrate and bandwidth check
    • New end-to-end live streaming programming samples for iOS and Android
  • New nanoStream RTMP Player SDK and App for iOS and Android
  • New nanoStream 4.6 Desktop SDKs for Windows
  • New nanoStream 4.6 Web plugins and cross-browser extensions
  • New WebRTC Client/Server for plugin-free broadcast to RTMP or HLS

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