nanoStream H5Live Player Release 4.10.4

Release Notes

This version implements an automatic recovery workflow for certain media errors that can occure during playback. Recoverable errors are 3003, 3100 and 1008. The allowed number of recoveries within 60 seconds (default: 3) can be customized by the new config parameter playback.mediaErrorRecoveries. Further the support of the native HTMLMediaElement attribute crossOrigin is added and can be set via the new config parameter playback.crossOrigin. The values can be 'anonymous', 'use-credentials' and 'not-set' (default).

Part of this release are minor adjustments for metrics and an improvement of the Mac OS version detection. Also an issue with the interaction of the style.keepFrame and the style.poster (since 4.9.1) functionality is fixed. Now, after a pause, the last frame will be kept instead of displaying the poster image with keepFrame enabled.




  • Automatic recovery workflow for media errors
    • Recoverable error codes:
      • 3003 (media decode error)
      • 3100 (media source ended)
      • 1008 (hls playback error)
    • New config parameter (number) playback.mediaErrorRecoveries, default: 3, to set the number of max recoveries within 60 seconds
    • Recoveries will be indicated by an onWarning event
    • Sample warning message:
      • 'Recovering from media error 3003, recovery 1/3 within the last 60 seconds (12 total).'
    • If threshold reached, the error will be thrown followed by a pause with reason 'playbackerror'
    • See playback section in config
    • See feature description
  • Support of native crossOrigin attribute for HTMLMediaElements (applies to all player-internal video & image elements)
    • New config parameter (string) playback.crossOrigin, default: 'not-set'
    • Sets or disables the native “crossOrigin” attribute for all internal video elements and images (poster)
    • Possible values are:
      • 'anonymous'
      • 'use-credentials'
      • 'not-set' (default), if used the attribute will not be added
    • See playback section in config


  • Minor adjustment for metrics
  • Mac OS version detection


  • keepFrame functionality while poster is set (Note: keepFrame is not supported on iOS)

Feature Description

Online Player API’s

The location path is
The new version is now online available as nanoplayer.4.10.4.min.js.
On May 5, 2021, the latest online version nanoplayer.4.min.js will be updated to version 4.10.4. Until that date it contains version 4.9.2.
The previous stable version remains available as nanoplayer.4.9.2.min.js.


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