nanoStream Cloud Dashboard Release

nanoStream Cloud Dashboard Release Notes

We are excited to announce the release of nanoStream Cloud Dashboard Version This latest update incorporates several enhancements and improvements tailored to optimize our streaming workflow.

Here’s a breakdown of the new features and refinements:


πŸš€ NEW
– Transform a Non-Transcoding Stream into an ABR Stream: Should you have omitted transcoding profiles during your stream’s setup, they can always be integrated later through the Stream Overview
Edit existing transcoding profiles: Adjust any transcoding profile directly in the Stream Overview.
– Remove transcoding profiles: You can now remove transcoding profiles from the Stream Overview.
Thumbnails: Activate thumbnails for streams and set their refresh intervals. 

Thumbnail Display: You can quickly see thumbnail images in the Stream Overview, instead of just a URL at the bottom of the page.
Stream Set-up: You can now turn on thumbnail generation when you create a new stream.


To support the latest updates, we’ve added specific pages and sections to our official documentation:

πŸ–₯️ DASHBAORD (Usage Guidance)
Modifying Transcoding Profiles After Stream Creation and

βš™οΈ BINTU API (Corresponding API Calls)
Update Transcoding Profile,
Add Transcode To Existing Streamgrouup,
Delete Stream Transcode and
Thumbnail Generation.

Dashboard Docs: Useful Resources

Dive into nanoStream Cloud and learn how to manage and monitor your streams
●  Overview
●  Getting Started
●  Start Streaming
●  Stream Overview

Functions featured in the Dashboard
●  Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) and Live Transcoding
●  Thumbnails
●  Secure Playback & Secure Token
●  Embed nanoPlayer Code on Your Web Page

Analytics in the Dashboard
●  Metrics in the Dashboard
●  Alerts and Advices in the Dashboard

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