nanoStream Cloud Dashboard Release

With release, we’re thrilled to introduce the integration of the NanoStream Cloud Dashboard with nanoStream Analytics, creating a harmonious blend of stream management, analytics, and ingest quality alerting for unparalleled usability and service quality. With our commitment to boosting user-friendliness, several enhancements ensure you enjoy maximum usability. We’re here to bring data intelligence directly to you! From effortless analysis and comparison of total usage, playout, and ingest, to tracking current performance against historical benchmarks – we’ve got you covered. Our revamped alerting system delivers critical insights into your stream’s performance, detects potential issues, and offers actionable remedies. Continuous monitoring and alerts for your ingest streams are based on our in-depth ingest data analysis, keeping you always in the know.


We’ve taken user-friendliness to a whole new level. Several improvements have been made so you can enjoy maximum usability.



  • Stream Search Functionality: Easily find streams by their exact name or ID with our search icon prominently displayed on every dialog on the top right.
  • Stream Group Details: A dedicated section now showcases details of stream groups, enumerating every stream within. Examine their IDs, names, and conveniently monitor and modify the push URL and tags for each.
  • Stream Control Tools: For added convenience, lock or stop streams using the control section at the bottom of your page.
  • Stream Deletion: Stream retirement is now simpler! The delete option is available at the base of each stream page.
  • nanoPlayer: Added faststart stat.
  • Quick” Health Status: For an extended view, head to the dedicated /alerts page where you can:
    • Access detailed information and seek assistance.
    • Browse alerts based on their severity.
    • Filter alerts by type.
    • Navigate to troubleshoot or initiate a support ticket.


  • Month to Date: Overview of Ingest, Playout, and Total traffic generated from the start of this month to today, compared to the traffic from the start of the previous month to the same day in that month.
  • Concurrent Viewer: Dive deep into viewer data from the past hour, day, or week. (For a more granulated view, check the metrics dashboard.)
  • Ingest and Playout Usage: Monitor usage metrics for the previous hour, day, and week.
  • Alerts and Advices: Stay updated with essential guidance and alerts categorized as minor, moderate, or critical. For an in-depth understanding, refer to our documentation.

Additional Resources

In our updated documentation, you’ll find a dedicated section on the Dashboard with functionalities and tutorials. Visit Dashboard Documentation for a deep dive. Additionally, we’ve added new sections on Metrics and Alerts and Advices, detailing their integration and usage through the Dashboard. For technical insights related to nanoStream Analytics and alerts, check out this link to its documentation. If you’re looking for guidance on using the troubleshooting tool, find the documentation page here.  

Please reach out to our team for further information or any questions:

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