nanoStream Cloud 2022 and Dashboard V3 Release Notes

The nanoStream Cloud 2022 and new dashboard have been released!



New Dashboard (Version 3.0.0)

Not only have we updated our nanoStream Cloud, but we’ve also updated the dashboard that goes with it.

  • Better UX/UI.
  • Improved Workflow.
  • Dark Mode: Based on your preference, you can now use our dashboard in Light or Dark Mode.

New in nanoStream Cloud Dashboard V3: Light and Dark Mode

Stream Groups for Enhanced ABR.

Stream Groups are now a new app and backend logic to create and managed live transcoding and adaptive bitrate streams. With a single stream group you can manage a collection of ABR streams, including token security! It is now easier than ever to use live transcoding and ABR with ultra-low-latency live streaming

New Ingest Protocols

  • SRT, WHIP ingest for better connectivity in remote or bad networks

New API Endpoints for Live Transcoding

New Player with even further reduced latency

  • Adaptive Bitrate: Including easier managing of ABR streams.

New Webcaster and sample code with WHIP Ingest

  • Stream Switching: Including seamless stream switching (multi-cam or screen input, stream output)

Enhanded Security & Protection

Web Tokens for playback protection, IP/referer blocking, auto-detection.

Expanded Global Coverage

CDN with 60 Data centers, 7 gep locations, more than 600 servers, added pops in LatAm, Asia.

100 % SLA

  • No downtimes 2022: Several Petabytes streaming 24/7/365.

Learn more about the new features in our documentation !


Please reach out to our team for further information or any questions: