A New Major Milestone: nanoStream Cloud 2020.09





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nanoStream Player with Adaptive Bitrate

Now packed with new essential features, nanoStream Cloud 2020.09 is hitting a milestone with Adaptive Bitrate Playback, Live Transcoding and Analytics, delivering higher quality of service for your live streaming applications. Finally, essential obstacles such as buffering, varying bandwidths and lacking performance can be eliminated and high quality live streaming can be provided. This allows commercial live stream providers to offer a live streaming service that supports interactive usage, is reliable and reaches maximum customer satisfaction.

Live Streaming with Audience Engagement
Live streaming that aims to engage the audience and allows viewers’ participation requires an ambitious easy-to-use set-up: So called ‘interactive live streaming’ can only be successful if all affecting factors are considered and solutions are integrated. This is why we call ABR, Transcoding, Analytics the three pillars that clear the way for the highest quality of service and experience for live streaming. Our new dream team!.

Engage your audience with ultra-low latency live streaming! Start our nanoStream Player here to experience Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) Playback and Live Transcoding: Interactive live streaming on browsers on all devices, suitable for all bandwidths and network connections.

Adaptive Bitrate with Ultra-Low-Latency Live Streaming

Our nanoStream Player with Adaptive Bitrate Playback (ABR) covers the requirements of global reach and auto-adapts to available network conditions, all based on ultra-low-latency live streaming! The best resolution and bitrate will be chosen automatically and seamless stream switching is offered for all devices, including iOS and iPadOS. This way, providers can suit their viewers’ internet connection while providing a stable stream. Further enhancements are the stability of general stream switching on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS devices as well as the validation of buffering metrics and connection flags.

Live Transcoding

With nanoStream Cloud Live Transcoding clients can send a stream with a certain bitrate quality to our cloud, the stream may be transcoded to lower variants so even less connected environments can access the stream without buffering issues, enjoying a smooth experience. Our Transcoding is configured to suit the customer’s bit rate configuration and to reach the best viewer experience anywhere in the world.


Global reach and Quality of Service are essential factors to run a live streaming platform successfully. nanoStream Cloud Analytics provide a comprehensive overview to monitor performance and provide actionable information. Be it latency, buffering, geographic location or global reach – only in depth understanding and visualization will reveal issues and secure the best user experience. By using nanoStream Cloud, platform operators and service providers can optimize their ultra-low latency user experience on any device working with any bandwidth and network.

About nanocosmos / nanoStream Cloud

nanocosmos is the leading provider of an integrated, white label, ultra-low latency live streaming solution for commercial live streaming providers.

With our live streaming platform, nanoStream Cloud, you can enable new interactive use cases and create new business opportunities: live streaming that is set up to allow audience participation and interaction. nanoStream Cloud delivers a unique combination of software, global CDN services, live player including ABR and Analytics.

Check out nanoStream Cloud now, and watch out for further exciting news to come!