nanoStream Analytics Release 2.24

We are introducing our latest Analytics release, where we’ve prioritized enhancing user experience and user interface across both the Analytics Dashboard (AD) and API.  

UX / UI improvements in the Dashbard have been made regarding the handling of error messages –  they can now be easily identified, classified and referred to via our new documentation for error codes

Additions and improvements for a more precise presentation have been made regarding the time series display within the troubleshooting tab of the Analytics Dashboard (AD), the stream health alerts as well as additional human readable timestamps (API). 

And last but not least, with two additional metrics, the API capabilities of our platform have been expanded.  


Alerting Service & Error Response Improvement

Analytics Dashboard


  • troubleshooting fine time range slider to automatically keep the maximal selected time range duration at 12 hours 
  • display of error messages


  • timestamp as a human readable date string (in addition to the existing UNIX seconds timestamp) to all API route responses containing a timestamp (property name: timestampAsString) 
  • additional fields to detected alerts/advices via /api/v2/alerting/ingest/: 
    • id : every alert/advice has now an unique id, that stays the same until the alert/advice will no longer be detected 
    • firstDetection : the minute the alert/advice has been detected for the first time 
    • elapsedTime : minute of the current detection cycle minus firstDetection timestamp in seconds 
    • countryName : replaced the existing property country 
    • countryCode : 2 letter country code 
  • API route for H5Live playback counts broken down by: 
    • browser /api/v2/h5live/views/browser 
    • operation system /api/v2/h5live/views/os 


  • error responses: find them in our documentation for costumers
    • now each error has a certain error code (starting with 10 followed by a 4 digit error code) 
    • error.message: general error message 
    • error.errorCode: 6 digit long error code 
    • error.userInfo: more specific details to the error 
    • error.summary: short summary of the error 


To support the latest updates, we’ve added specific pages and sections to our official documentation:

General Documentation

API Documentation

Monitoring API Documentation

nanoStream Cloud Analytics UI

Analytics in the Dashboard
Metrics in the Dashboard

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