nanoStream Analytics 2.20.1


We have released nanoStream Analytics 2.20.1 introducing a new and strong feature for stream security: nanoStream Guardian.

With the rise of malicious activities and illegal stream replication, it has become crucial for companies to protect their streams from unauthorized access. This is where nanoStream Guardian comes into play as a powerful tool to safeguard valuable content. nanoStream Guardian is a new service integrated into the nanoStream Cloud Analytics Dashboard which allows you to block specific IP addresses from accessing your streams. This feature can be used via Analytics Dashboard and, for extended control, via API.

You can find more information and a short tutorial on how to use nanoStream Guardian here.

How to use nanoStream Guardian?

nanoStream Guardian is available within your usual metrics dashboard environment. You can get started by simply investigating your users’ behavior in a specific time range. Click here to go to the dashboard.

Alternatively, the nanoStream Guardian API is for customers who require additional control and features e.g. blocking CIDR masks. nanoStream Guardian API is public and accessible via: A proper documentation of the endpoints is available at

For more information about our Analytics service visit our documentation. For those customers who are looking for additional insights regarding the quality of their service, complete and end-to-end, from the ingest to playback, we are also offering our Premium Analytics Service. This collects additional metrics from our web clients, the nanoStream H5Live Player and nanoStream Webcaster.

The Premium Analytics requires a business upgrade – we would like to invite you to contact us for details at

Changelog: Improvements/ Added Features

New / Added

  • Added IP/referrer blocking either via Breakdown or Guardian view
  • New API route: /api/v2/usage/hourly/bytes/timeseries:
    • Time series of byte usage for playout and ingest traffic with the maximum temporal resolution of an hour
    • Start and end date have to point to a full hour e.g. 2021-01-14T15:00
    • Accesses low resolution data -> longer time ranges requestable / historical data / low response time
    • Please note: As opposed to other API routes, this does not support stream filtering


nanoStream Guardian

API Monitoring Documentation

Zoom Feature

General Documentation

nanoStream Cloud Analytics UI
Use your Bintu credentials to sign in or directly access from within the nanoStream Cloud Dashboard.


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