nanoStream Analytics 2.20.0


We have released nanoStream Analytics 2.20.0.
The new version is laid out to save time especially for accounting and administrative purposes and to further strengthen Quality of Service and Quality of Experience. 

The release makes new API routes available – features for detailed stream monitoring, early interpretation of stream performance as well as quality assurance. On top users will find a new, user-friendly interface.

  • The following API routes have been added for real time monitoring and to support quality check-ups:
    a) Buffering play ratio – information / percentage about buffering,
    b) Start up time
    – how fast does a stream load?
    c) Error code to reveal issues per stream, alerting if it is critical,
    d) Stream time ratio
    elapsed real time vs. stream time for quality assurance.

  • API documentation with a new design and structure to cover more areas in one place.

Further details can be found in the nanoStream Analytics documentation and nanoStream Analytics API documentation. For those customers who are looking for additional insights regarding the quality of their service, complete and end-to-end, from the ingest to playback, we are also offering our Premium Analytics Service. This collects additional metrics from our web clients, the nanoStream H5Live Player and nanoStream Webcaster.

The Premium Analytics requires a business upgrade – we would like to invite you to contact us for details at


Changelog: Improvements/ Added Features


  • Realtime Monitoring: New API routes to request metric regarding stream performance
    • /api/v2/monitoring/playout/bufferingRatio (play buffering ratio)
    • /api/v2/monitoring/playout/startuptime (startup time)
    • /api/v2/monitoring/playout/errorcode (recent occurred error codes)
    • /api/v2/monitoring/ingest/timeRatio/timeseries (stream time ratio)
  • New API doc interface



API Monitoring Documentation

Zoom Feature

General Documentation

nanoStream Cloud Analytics UI
Use your Bintu credentials to sign in or directly access from within the nanoStream Cloud Dashboard.


Please reach out to our team for further information or any questions: