nanoStream Analytics 2.14


We have released nanoStream Analytics 2.14. The new release covers a range of new features and improvements in regards to the client focussed API that was introduced with nanoStream Analytics 2.11. For monitoring and alerting purposes it is now possible to directly access metrics about the ingested video and audio bitrate. For the best quality of experience on the player side, the stability of the ingested stream is a critical factor. Significant fluctuations of the bitrate can be an indicator for an unstable stream. Further details can be found here, in our documentation.

The API documentation explains how to use the essential parameters and the request structure.

For those customers who are looking for additional insights regarding the quality of their service, complete and end-to-end, from the ingest to playback, we are also offering our Premium Analytics Service. This collects additional metrics from our web clients, the nanoStream H5Live Player and nanoStream Webcaster.

The Premium Analytics requires a business upgrade – we would like to invite you to contact us for details at


Changelog: Improvements/ Added Features



  • API route for monitoring ingest audio and video bitrate


  • StreamGuard: accuracy of values has been increased, particularly for concurrency metric
  • Functionalities of date time picker
  • UX:
    • Display message in widget when no data is available
    • Display message in widget when request went wrong (e.g. no connection)
    • Widget titles and descriptions have been modified for better understanding
    • Widgets have been aligned according to height of each row
    • Consistent look has been applied for widget headers
    • Use thousand separators for all figures
    • Switch pie chart to table when a lot of entries need to be shown
    • Missing values displayed as zero in line charts are only shown between two available data points
  • Total count on world map will not be rounded if the value is below 1e7
  • Event filtering now available for H5live based world map metric and for adaptive bitrate view


  • Tag filter was not applied to concurrent viewers


API Documentation

General Documentation

nanoStream Cloud Analytics UI
Use your Bintu credentials to sign in or directly access from within the nanoStream Cloud Dashboard.


Please reach out to our team for further information or any questions: