nanoStream Analytics 2.11


We have released nanoStream Analytics 2.11. This new release represents the initial starting point of a client focussed API that has been added to nanoStream Analytics. This metrics API allows clients direct access to source data the nanoStream Analytics dashboard is based on. Filters may be used to extract streaming traffic based on name, usage or time frames and data may be used to run internal queries or it may be integrated into further automatic data processing. For instance streaming traffic data can be used for accounting purposes e.g. to generate automatic invoices for end users. The metrics API will be extended from here on to cover additional functions and help our clients managing their streaming service.

Please use the API documentation to find out how to use the essential parameters and the request structure. Key streaming data finally at your finger tips!

For those customers who are looking for additional insights into the quality of service, complete end-to-end from the ingest to the playback, we are also offering our Premium Analytics Service. This collects additional metrics from our web clients, the nanoStream H5Live Player and nanoStream Webcaster.

The Premium Analytics requires a business upgrade – we would like to invite you to contact us for details at


Improvements/ Added Features

Screenshot: API documentation


API Documentation

General Documentation

nanoStream Cloud Analytics UI
Use your Bintu credentials to sign in or directly access from within the nanoStream Cloud Dashboard.


Please reach out to our team for further information or any questions: