nanoStream Analytics 2.10

We have released nanoStream Analytics 2.10 with significant improvements. A new troubleshooting view, but also additional functionalities provide a better insight into streaming performance as well as improved control.

For those customers who are looking for additional insights into the quality of service, complete end-to-end from the ingest to the playback, we are also offering our Premium Analytics service. This collects additional metrics from our web clients, the nanoStream H5Live Player and nanoStream Webcaster.

The Premium Analytics requires a business upgrade – we would like to invite you to contact us for details at

Improvements/ Added Features

    • Troubleshooting view to investigate stream issues based on ingest and playout client metrics
    • Our world map covering Europe, North America, etc. now offers a zoom-in function
    • ABR up and down switch count to world map
    • ABR viewers by profile/quality
    • View of historical usage to see development of usage over months
    • Additional Webcaster error codes

nanoStream Cloud Analytics
Use your Bintu credentials to sign in or directly access from within the nanoStream Cloud Dashboard.


Additional News about nanoStream Cloud

We have launched the new nanoStream Cloud Dashboard.
Version 2.1 is now available for you, completely redesigned to cover everything you are used to – and even more.

Create and manage your ultra-low latency live streams on a new level, for interactive applications with audience engagement.

Go live around the world in 1 second

Use your Bintu credentials to sign in.


Please reach out to our team for further informations or any questions: