nanocosmos wins Suisse provider Wegner live as a new client for live auctions

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Berlin, Germany July 20, 2023

nanocosmos wins Wegner live as customer and serves strong demand for high-quality auction streaming with its B2B real-time streaming platform

Swiss provider Wegner live, flagship for high-quality broadcasts of live auctions, chooses nanocosmos’ real-time streaming solution nanoStream Cloud. This targets large audiences in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), but can reach viewers 24/7 around the world thanks to nanocosmos’ strong CDN (Content Delivery Network). This is achieved easily and seamlessly for the auction service due to the all-in-one solution, as nanoStream Cloud allows viewers to start the stream directly from their browser to enjoy streaming without interruptions. Thus, the expertise of two companies that have been carefully built over many years with origins going back to traditional broadcasting come together to serve today’s growing trend of viewers for interactive streaming with high quality.

Since 1989, the Swiss company Wegner live has offered solutions through know-how and technology on how to maneuver image and sound optimally in live broadcast. Managing director Roland Wegner says that today, the primary goal is to offer auctions via livestreaming to everyone as if they were physically present.

In addition to minimum latency transmission, this includes signal optimization, optimized sound for hall sound, but also parallel integration of graphic material and the possibility that the stream is adaptive and can run around the clock. By choosing to use nanoStream Cloud, Roland Wegner has chosen a German provider that was founded back in 1998 and has revolutionized the ultra-low latency live streaming sector with its H5Live technology and cloud strategy. Even more so because the solution is browser-based, for all devices, including iOS and runs extremely reliably and is easy to integrate.

Thanks to the B2B live streaming solution, Wegner live now excels at meeting broad broadcasting requirements: Speed of streaming with minimal latency to provide seamless, high-quality interaction with viewers. No matter from where, this allows fellow bidders to join in auctions and bid in real time thanks to ultra-low latency. In addition, because the nanoStream Cloud platform enables high quality playout, a dynamic presentation can be produced from multiple camera perspectives.

Roland Wegner, CEO Wegner live: We let some auction streams run 10h non-stop, like recently at one of Europe’s most important auction houses, Galerie Kornfeld in Bern. Perfect sound and perfect picture despite ultra-low latency are advantages of the nanoStream Cloud that we do not want to miss. The fact that the stream is adaptive favors increasing sales figures: With browser-based public broadcasting, the audience can grow quickly, but must not interfere with the stream in progress. His conclusion “There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all, every project is different but with the sales of paintings and classic cars via live streaming with nanocosmos, we are extremely satisfied and positioned for the increasing demand for high quality live streaming in the front row.”

About nanocosmos

nanocosmos is a Berlin-based company with more than two decades of experience in the audio/video industry. The flagship product nanoStream Cloud is an industry reference for reliable B2B interactive live streaming on any device. With pioneering advancements and milestones like ultra-low latency live streaming on any device and browser, with adaptive bitrate playback, stream protection and data driven live streaming, nanocosmos continues to hold its strong position in multiple market segments for interactive live streaming.

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