nanocosmos presents fast live video start-up and near zero latency for high-quality real time streaming at Sigma Europe

Press Release

Berlin, Germany, November 2, 2023 – At the international iGaming and betting summit Sigma Europe, leading B2B real-time streaming provider nanocosmos will demonstrate new features of their integrated Cloud solution to boost iGaming and bettings businesses: At booth 2068, nanoStream Cloud will be demonstrated with new cutting-edge advancements like fast video start-up, all new easy-to-use interface, innovative analytics to stream smooth high quality games and bets 24/7/365 anywhere in the world.

With significant industry recognition and acclaimed awards received by ICE and the IABM (International Trade Association for Broadcast and Media) in 2023, nanocosmos is kicking off the quarter with full steam. In its 25th year, the company continues to rely on innovative solutions; their state of the art product development is laid out to boost iGaming and betting with new advancements of their integrated B2B streaming solution:

This new feature stands out particularly at Sigma: With fast live video start-up, live game providers benefit from instant access for gamers and so do the viewers, especially since game switching is faster now.

High quality experience of real-time streams is a special focus and the nanocosmos team proudly shares supporting features of their praised solid Content Delivery Network (CDN): Uninterrupted connectivity and smooth viewing experience were bumped up by intelligent edge computing and growing areas for iGaming in Asia, Africa and South America benefit from this year’s enhancements of content delivery.

With the approach of making complex easy, the B2B live streaming platform and API nanoStream Cloud now offers a fancy new feature: “Stream health monitoring” is now available for operators to quickly see the state of each stream and to identify, fix and improve the stream performance.

nanoStream Cloud 2023 represents a leap forward in real-time streaming technology, addressing the demand for high-quality real-time streaming anywhere, anytime. Commenting on the recent launch, founder and CEO Oliver Lietz said, “We are very pleased since we have worked closely with our clients to turn around new requirements quickly. We address top trends of ultra-low latency streaming like security, high quality streaming, and stability. ”

nanocosmos invites all attendees of Sigma Europe to visit booth #2068 and experience the future of high quality interactive live streaming. 

Key Highlights of nanoStream Cloud 2023:

  1. Fast video Start-up Time with sub-second latency player
  2. Enhancements to the Global Content Delivery Network
  3. Easy integration with enhanced APIs
  4. Support of cutting-edge protocols like QUIC, HTTP/3, and WebTransport 
  5. Advanced stream security with nanoStream Guardian, ingest webhooks and playback tokens
  6. Advanced Analytics – now with insight into “Stream Health”
  7. Integrated approach, 100% stability and 24/7 operations, Proven compatibility 

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