nanocosmos @ NAB Show, Las Vegas. April 23- 27, 2022

Recap: the New Generation of nanoStream Cloud at NAB 

With mottos like “Future Forward” or “Push The Boundaries of Possible” the NAB SHOW shared impressions from their show that, once again, brought together content professionals and the latest innovations from the broadcast industry. Our team from nanocosmos had an incredible time catching up with the latest trends and presenting the new generation of nanoStream Cloud, the ultra-low latency live streaming platform and API. Regarding interactive livestreaming it was easy to grasp that the industry has changed a lot. Ultra-low latency live streaming is no longer a niche product, but a must for virtual interaction with large audiences.

Another important topic was the future of content delivery and increased demand for intelligence to deliver immersive, interactive content. How do we get there and what technology advances are needed for future interactive live streaming?

Interactive Live Streaming: Key Takeaways & Trends

  • Necessity to go beyond latency
  • Strive for better quality of service and quality of experience with complete end-to-end control
  • Data-driven streaming for QoE and QoS
  • Demand for robust, 100% stable solution
  • Ease of use, accessibility and stability for even bad networks on all devices
  • API driven complete solution incl. CDN, player, metrics, analytics, security

Below we share the full presentation of our CEO Oliver Lietz at NAB 2022, April 24, and the list of the latest features of our solution.

What’s new at nanocosmos: an NAB 2022 recap


Interactive Live Streaming And How It Responds To The Increased Need For Virtual Audience Engagement

Interview with Oliver Lietz, CEO nanocosmos at NAB 2022 about the new release:

nanoStream Cloud features, presented at NAB 2022

With a remaining high demand for virtual interaction worldwide, the interactive live streaming solution nanoStream Cloud addresses major requirements like  accessibility via any device, browser and network with sub-second latency. By serving a wider range of interactive use cases with a coverage of increased requirements, the solution allows businesses to run streaming in line with their business goals delivering the highest Quality of Service and Quality of Experience.

  • nanoStream Player to achieve and maintain sub-second latency, anywhere in the world, based on our unique Adaptive Bitrate technology
  • Advanced analytics with new troubleshooting tools
  • Secure streaming with active protection against misuse
  • Expended global network (CDN) covering even more areas than before
  • New ingest protocols, like SRT
  • Upgraded Webcaster for browser-based live encoding
  • New nanoMeet as an add-on for sharing web conferences with large audiences
The nanocosmos team at NAB


Oliver Lietz, nanocosmos CEO, being interviewed at NAB


Oliver Lietz, CEO, and Chris Strijbosch, VP


Oliver Lietz at the CMIP studios


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