nanoVideo H.264 Codec

nanoAVC/H.264 Codec is a high performance video codec with DirectShow and Quicktime  available for Windows and MacOS. It may be licensed by End Users, Digital Video Professionals, Developers and OEM customers.

nanoAVC/H.264 Codec is available in separate packages:

  • AVC/H.264 Video Encoder
  • AVC/H.264 Video Decoder

Major Features

  • ISO 14496 Part 10 (MPEG-AVC) / ITU H.264 compliance for many profiles and levels including Baseline, Main and High
  • Highly optimized software coding with support for latest CPU generations
  • Real-Time encoding and Multi-Core support
  • Wide range of applications from Mobile Phones (3GP), Portable Devices (iPod etc) up to Professional HDTV

Architecture / Platform

  • Windows: DirectShow and Quicktime
  • MacOS: Quicktime
  • Low Level SDK based on frame buffers (DLLs for developers)
  • DirectShow based codec architecture based on most recent Microsoft DirectX technology.


  • DirectShow Codec for Windows XP/Vista
  • Quicktime Codec for Windows XP/Vista and MacOS-X/Intel platforms

The nanoAVC/H.264 Video Codec is available separately as video and audio encoder, decoder and multiplexer for Windows and MacOS-X Intel platforms. For Windows, ready-to-use codecs are available as DirectShow filters.