nanocosmos @ DigitalOcean Roundtable: Video Streaming, August 10, 2022


Building an Efficient Streaming Application at Scale

10 AUGUST 2022 | 12PM EST

Roundtable Discussion with Oliver Lietz, CEO nanocosmos

moderated by Mohan Ram,
Head of Regional Marketing, DigitalOcean

This summer nanocosmos joins DigitalOcean’s campaign about Video Streaming with other founders, CTOs, CEOs of startups and businesses in the video streaming space. As Cloud Services are important for live streaming set-ups that are lightweight and interactive live streaming at scale, Oliver Lietz will provide critical details on how to approach efficient live streaming applications at scale. 

The expertise shared will cover several different areas where interactive live streaming is used to engage audiences worldwide be it with Town Hall meetings, webcasts, concerts or by providing monetized content like live auctions, retail and gaming.

The event will be recorded and we will share a link of the recording once available.




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nanocosmos presents interactive livestreaming platform with updates for improved QoS & QoE
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InteraktivE Live streaming

Robert Reinhardt, internationally regarded as an expert on multimedia application development and online video, particularly in live streaming, published his review of nanocosmos’ current and forthcoming services: 



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