25 years of innovation: nanocosmos’ successful story


🎉 25 Years of Innovation: What’s next?

We are celebrating 25 years of innovation kicking off this important year with the presentation of nanoStream Cloud’s new features at ICE London.

CEO Oliver LIetz says: “I am extremely proud of our 25 years of experience. Bringing this to the table in a rapidly changing market for games and bets delivered through interactive live streaming is extremely valuable. Our team and close partnerships with clients have allowed us to continuously innovate and achieve award-winning results.”

Well deserved! nanocosmos can proudly look at a 24/7/365 service with 100% uptime for platform operators around the world.

Each month we will be sharing employees’ quotes, stories, events around nanocosmos, the team and the 25th anniversary, stay tuned for our #ThrowBackTime sessions!



nanocosmos offers nanoStream Cloud, the preferred choice for many interactive use cases when it comes to ultra-low latency live streaming. We invite you to read the linked articles below if you would like to dive a bit deeper into the topic of interactive live streaming.

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Streaming Media Award

Streaming Media Innovation Award 2022 – nanoStream Cloud won
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