Sportsbook Streaming: Microbetting and other factors driving ultra-low latency at Streaming Media Connect – August, 22


Sportsbook Streaming: microbetting and other factors driving ultra-low latency streaming

2023 Webinar with Darcy Lorincz (CTO, Barret-Jackson Auction Company), Oliver Lietz (CEO, nanocosmos), Robert Reinhardt (videoRx)

In the arena and beyond, sports betting minute-to-minute micro-betting is suddenly everywhere these days. It’s made ultra-low-latency streaming more mission-critical than ever in the sports world, where it was always at a premium. What are the challenges of (nearly) zeroing out latency today? How realistic is the possibility? And with the rise of 5G and other enabling tech, how close are we to getting there?

 moderated by Jason Thibeault,
Executive Director, Streaming Video Technology Alliance



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