Introducing nanoMeet, where ultra low-latency live streaming meets custom video conferencing

Press Release / Presseinformation

Berlin, April 2021

nanocosmos has revealed the latest offering in its interactive live streaming lineup: nanoMeet. nanoMeet is a browser-based video and collaboration platform, which integrates with nanoStream Cloud for seamless browser based live streaming – ideal for branded use on custom web sites to address any audience at a global scale.

nanoMeet enables you to create branded virtual video meetings, and host and broadcast them right on your own web sites, all increasing interactive engagement with your audience. nanoMeet is an ideal solution for a new breed of ‘hybrid’ events – a blending of physical real life and online virtual space, which is a trend emerging from the pandemic, blending the desire to meet in person with the flexibility and inclusiveness of sharing online content to a wider audience.

Beyond virtual events, webinars, boardrooms and town halls, this new offering from nanocosmos can also be used in live events such as live concerts or standup comedy events for enhanced audience interactivity.

Access to meetings couldn’t be simpler – participants are invited with secure, time-sensitive tokens which offer a direct link to the event. This is ideal for large audience interaction and minimises access issues.

“We’re really excited to be adding nanoMeet to our low-latency product lineup. With such a broad range of applications, advanced functionality, and complete custom branding we’re certain that businesses, the public sector, and those in the arts, but especially platform operators will love it”, says Oliver Lietz, Managing Director at nanocosmos.

nanoMeet, and its seamless integration with the rest of nanocosmos’ products, represents a great opportunity for a host of sectors – both public and private – with low-latency meetings and streams ideal for uses such as town hall meetings, corporate webcasts, expert sessions, press briefings, conferences and much more. Knowing that security is a top concern for any enterprise, nanoMeet also uses time-sensitive token links that can be used to give secure access, if required.

On the flip side, nanoMeet can be used for a “watch party” where members of a video conference can communally watch an incoming stream or review a live video source together.

Technical Breakdown

nanoMeet is a browser-based live video and collaboration platform, connected to the ultra-low latency live streaming solution nanoStream Cloud, based on a custom version of Jitsi Meet. Online Samples, Code Snippets, web API enable the administrator to custom brand, choose server location (EU, US), manage secure tokens and invite participants with different access rights. Once nanoMeet is embedded into a web page, invitees can join using their time-sensitive token. Meetings can be streamed in ultra-low latency and shared with a large audience enabled by the nanoStream Cloud solution.

nanoMeet is supported by web services for 24/7 usage anywhere in the world and offers sample pages to set up and use nanoMeet virtual rooms.


About nanocosmos

nanocosmos is a Berlin-based company with more than two decades of experience in the audio/video industry. Their flagship product, nanoStream Cloud, is an industry reference for ultra-low latency live streaming on any device. nanocosmos has been trusted by major companies around the world to deliver interactive live streaming with ultra-low latency for several years, and with the addition of new products to their range, continue to stay on the cutting edge of video-streaming technology.


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