Unveiling the new nanoStream Cloud with ABR Support at ICE 2020

nanoStream Cloud and H5Live Player for ultra-low-latency live streaming – now with adaptive bitrate support (ABR) recently shown by nanocosmos at #ICEShow in London!

Whether live casino, betting or esports – nanoStream Cloud has the answer for your ultra-low latency live streaming challenges. Players can enjoy these games wherever they may be – with a video transmission delay of around 1 second, ULL live streaming from nanocosmos can be enjoyed on any device, thus on laptop, tablet or mobile phone (including Safari on iOS) – learn more about how we do it here.

Following the recent launch of the transcoding feature, at ICE 2020 nanocosmos introduced the new ABR support for its unique nanoStream H5Live Player, included in nanoStream Cloud. With the new release, gaming platforms and operators will be able to send streams with different video qualities and the H5Live Player will decide which of them to play, to accommodate the network situations and avoid buffering and frame drops. This means your audience and players around the globe will watch the best stream for their internet connection, avoiding interruptions and creating a better experience. 

nanoStream Cloud includes every must have feature an interactive use case with a global audience requires:

  • nanoStream ULL CDN: global footprint to reach your players everywhere in the world
  • nanoStream H5Live Player: ultra-low latency playback on any desktop or mobile browser, including Safari on iOS
  • NEW Adaptive Bitrate Support (ABR)
  • nanoStream Analytics: insights on your workflow and improved Quality of Service and Quality of Experience
  • Flexible live encoding: stream directly from your browser with nanoStream Webcaster – or use your own RTMP live encoder
  • NEW Adaptive Bitrate: auto-adjust the playback quality based on your viewers’ internet connections
  • Instant Live Streaming for multiple camera streams
  • reliable 24/7 operation
  • Secure streaming / Synced playback
  • Tagging / Transcoding / Live recording / Screen sharing
  • Works with enterprise / firewalls
  • Easy to integrate to existing live streaming workflows

The combination all these features are required to provide the right quality of service for ultra-low-latency live streaming for interactive use cases with a global audience.

Couldn’t make it to London this year? No worries, reach out to us to learn more about our new ABR feature or to discuss your iGaming use case!