How To Stream To Mobile Devices (iPhone, iOS) with nanoStream and Wowza

Streaming to Mobile Devices is simple with nanoStream.
iOS requires H.264 video and AAC audio, which is used by default in nanoStream.

Encoder Settings

Video and Audio format should be H.264 and AAC.
Video Encoding Profile can either be “Baseline” or “Main”, dependent on the playback device support.
In earlier iOS revisions, only “Baseline” profile worked. Since iOS 3, also Main Profile should work.

Output Streaming URL

Live Playback in iOS devices requires HLS support (“HTTP Live Streaming”). Wowza supports delivering with HLS with an RTMP upstream.

So the encoder can run in RTMP mode and let the Wowza server to the protocol transcoding to HLS.

Encoder URL: Live URL + Stream Name:




Playback URL on iOS Devices:


Note: this might require additional configuration on the streaming server. See the Wowza or Adobe documentation for further help.