Build your own live streaming app in 5 minutes!

How to create your own live streaming app in only 5 minutes

Get a headstart on your competition with this short overview showing you how to build your own streaming application. Leverage proven nanoStream technology and get our end-to-end support for a high quality live encoding, streaming, and playback application. Stream user generated content like Periscope or do a professional live broadcast!


Follow this guide and create a live video broadcaster and player app with the nanoStream SDK, connected to our streaming platform. No need to install your own server, just stream instantly to the URL you get from!

If necessary, you can still use your own server on your premises.


  •  nanoStream SDK 4.6 or later
  • connector
  •  Valid API key and a nanoStream SDK license

Development environment – cross-platform to allow full flexibility!

  •  iOS and MacOS: XCode on Mac OS X
  •  Android: Android Studio or Eclipse
  •  Windows: VisualStudio 2013 on Windows 7 or later
  •  Browser Platforms: HTML/JS for your own web page based either on our nanoStream Plugin or on the WebRTC Client

Build your own Live Encoder App (Broadcast) on iOS (similar projects are available on all platforms)

  1. Open the project StreamingExample from the SDK samples/SimpleEncoder folder in Xcode.
  2.  Add the license and API keys in nanoLicenseConfig.h (folder included)
  3. Build and run the application.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 19.12.24



How to use the broadcaster

  1. Enter your API key
  2. Enter any Title or Tags
  3. The app is checking the bandwidth: wait or skip to use default.
  4. Tap the “start” button to start broadcast.
  5. You should see the result logged to the console: “You are live!”
  6. The streamer automatically gets a stream URL from and instantly starts live streaming.

Run Bandwidth CheckAnzeige bandwidth in Stream



Build your own Player App

  1.   Open the project PlayingExample from the SDK samples folder in Xcode.
  2.   Build and run the application. (your license and API keys should be used from the same file as the broadcaster app)
  3.  If you tap the play button, you should instantly see your live video sent from the broadcaster device!




Congratulations! You now have everything you need for your own streaming platform.

You can run the broadcaster app on one device and the player app on another. You can Start a stream in the broadcaster app (via Start button) and can play it directly in the player app (via Play button). The player app will play the latest stream on your account that is live.

Next steps

Now you can integrate the live streaming function into your own application backend. Contact us, if you want to know more about how these sample apps were created and how you can set up your own samples.

For more complete sample apps on how to use nanoStream and, see the samples BintuEncoder and BintuPlayer in the SDK samples folder. They show a complete workflow including bandwidth check, user notification, sharing, vertical and landscape streaming, and more.

You will find similar samples for Android, Windows, MacOS, and browser platforms.

Get in touch with us for information on additional plugin-free live encoding with WebRTC!


Contact us for help and additional functions, full-feature apps and consulting services!

nanocosmos website  – with downloads for SDKs and Apps, documentation and blog

download the live streaming apps directly here:

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