Affordable worship streaming: Sunday Streams

Sunday Streams, with Sunday Streams Live Encoder powered by nanoStream software, offers full-service live streaming services for houses of worship for congregations in the United States and internationally. Adaptive bit rate streaming and cross-platform accessibility enable wide outreach.

For everyone who has to work during their weekly meeting with the congregation, or can’t attend for reasons of travel or sickness, nanocosmos client Sunday Streams has developed a solution that helps congregations across the United States and internationally. Through the popular streaming service, the family-run business enables everyone to take part in their service from internet-enabled devices.

Using the nanoStream Windows SDK and Browser Plugin, the nanocosmos team has created a private label live encoder software for Sunday Streams that guarantees sufficient bandwidth and storage for stable and widely accessible streams at an affordable price. Adaptive bit rate streaming reaches large audiences and the streams run on multiple devices. Like all nanoStream products, the SDK works independently of the platforms, whether on mobile, desktop, or directly through the browser.

Sunday Streams’ affordable worship streaming is an end-to-end solution. Live encoding is made possible on virtually any device or professional camera through support of popular RTMP encoders (H.264/AAC). The service is then streamed to a HTML5 player, allowing to adapt the bit rate to the connection and functionality of the chosen devices. Customers can choose to play the service through free mobile apps for iOS and Android, a stand-alone website, custom integrations using the provided API, or simply embedding the player directly in a website.

Congregations across the United States and internationally have adopted this opportunity to reach members of their congregation in the digital space. Sample streams can be viewed here. With nanoStream SDK’s low latency, the service can be followed without noticeable lagging.

Sunday Streams’ use case exemplifies the benefits of nanoStream cross-platform SDKs, enabling adaptive bit rate streaming on any device, with low latency. Like Sunday Streams, businesses across sectors use nanoStream SDKs and apps, customized to their use case. This lets them include high quality live streaming in their projects, and share events through stable streams with a global audience. Whether streaming the service of your congregation or seeing a band in a live concert from anywhere – nanoStream offers complete live streaming solutions for your business!