nanocosmos at ICE London 2022: Next Generation Interactive Livestreaming

The New Generation of nanoStream Cloud at ICE

At ICE London 2022, we presented The New Generation of nanoStream Cloud, featuring groundbreaking new features to take Quality of Service and Quality of Experience to the next level. 

It was with great excitement to meet clients and journalists in person and to get to know new streaming enthusiasts and people that are interested in our solution. Recapturing conversations and inquiries we see that streaming is presently a majorly discussed topic in the iGaming industry. Yet, requirements reached a new level indicating that it is more than just about latency; along with streamed content gaming companies need to deliver the best QoS and QoE to stay competitive.

nanocosmos team at ICE London 2022nanoStream Cloud - Interactive streaming with the edge

Going forward we trust that nanoStream Cloud’s new features deliver interactive streaming with the edge:

  • Browser-based nanoStream Player to achieve and maintain sub-second latency, yet stability for even bad networks on all devices, anywhere in the world, based on our unique Adaptive Bitrate technology.
  • Secure streaming with active protection against misuse
  • Advanced analytics, with live metadata support for game/stream synchronisation and new troubleshooting tools
  • Expanded global network (CDN) covering even more areas than before
  • New ingest protocols, like SRT
  • 100% stable service for 24/7 operations at a global scale, even in hostile network conditions

To learn how we at nanocosmos approach these trends, check the latest interview of our CEO with SBC Gaming:

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nanocosmos is a reliable partner and nanoStream Cloud the preferred choice for major live casinos and betting companies when it comes to ultra-low latency live streaming. To help you tackle the challenges around  iGaming and streaming, we have prepared a super guide that you can download here.

Press Announcement: nanoStream Cloud’s new features at ICE London 2022.



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