Conference: IABM BaM Live!™: Dec 2, 2021, Amsterdam (NL)

A hybrid event live from Amsterdam and online

The event is planned, subject to COVID restrictions, to be delivered on 2nd December in Amsterdam the day prior to IBC opening. There will be both a virtual and in-person audience (numbers depending on room options and COVID restrictions), In-person and virtual speakers and our hybrid offering delivered via the BaM Zone™.

The event will focus on evolving future media economics – This includes technologies for building OTT platforms and apps as well as enabling better monetization of digital consumers. It also includes an analysis of media technology sourcing models such as as-a-service offerings, cloud economic models, technology development, technology financing and outsourcing.

nanocosmos is a member of The IABM. nanocosmos offers nanoStream Cloud, an integrated, white label, ultra-low-latency live streaming solution that covers key requirements for global live streaming applications with audience interaction. Instant live streaming at any scale, live playback on all browser platforms, and devices are made available to B2B partners and platform providers.

2021, nanoStream Cloud was awarded to be the best Corporate Video Platform by the Streaming Media European Readers’ Choice Award. The solution was also nominated to be under the top 3 as the best Live Streaming Platform and as the solution with the Best Video Player.



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