Town Hall Meetings and Interactive Live Streaming

Image by slido
Image by slido

What is a Town Hall Meeting?

Town halls are a critical part of engaging audiences. Originally used for political discussions and meetings with citizen participation, it now has become a key part of engaging employees and special interest groups in business environments.
Also known as all-hands meetings or all-staff meetings, they bring together an entire organisation to discuss important topics and align everyone to common understandings.

How to enable Interactive Live Streaming

In early live streaming days, town halls could only be used in the “lean back” experience mode for an audience to watch the stream.
With interactive live streaming, it has become a platform for management or presenters to reach out to the audience and get feedback, questions or even bids and votes, running quizzes or any interactive elements to promote two-way conversations.

Interactive live streaming requires a robust live streaming platform with ultra low latency. Only 1 second latency can enable interactive live streaming with audience engagement.

The nanoStream Solution

nanoStream Cloud very well supports town hall meetings and is used by many organisations world wide, from global enterprises, academic institutions or any live presentation with audience interaction. And even more! Now with the nanoMeet Add-on, you can create virtual town hall meetings and add presenters from anywhere in the world. Like combining a zoom call with a live stream, all running in the browser!

The key to interactive live streaming is a reliable platform with ultra-low-latency live streaming. nanoStream Cloud provides the right live streaming platform and network with all tools for a reliable delivery of interactive audio/video content directly to any browser on any device.

What we see more and more important for many applications, especially in the Enterprise environment, is the data privacy and compliance rules. nanocosmos is fully compliant to EU regulations like GDPR.

Additional digital tools from 3rd party vendors like slido and pigeonhole support interactive use cases like polling, voting and Q&A.



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