Free Livestreaming for Berlin with nanoStream Cloud

Press Release (english) / Presseinformation (deutsch)

Berlin, Thursday, April 9, 2020

Nanocosmos offers support during the coronacrisis: comprehensive free livestreaming for Berlin companies

Now that we can no longer rely on large town hall meetings, events or one-on-one meetings, getting in touch via online video streaming is in high demand. Nanocosmos, an IT firm from Berlin, has decided to offer free streaming-service for local businesses to provide support during the coronavirus crisis.

Since 2000, Nanocosmos GmbH Berlin has specialised in live streaming. Their main product nanoStream Cloud is a livestreaming platform that focuses on audio/video content to be broadcast with ultra-low latency, which allows the audience to participate interactively. More importantly, many users can be reached live at the same time while the image quality is extremely high – a quality that common streaming applications do not feature. Some companies might need to take advantage of the fact that this service can be used without any downloads and on any device – stationary or mobile.

Just recently, Deutsche Bahn (DB Netz AG) decided to use this offering to communicate their projects to public groups. Nanocosmos is also in touch with local universities such as Beuth-Hochschule für Technik to evaluate how their e-learing needs can be covered by Nanocoasmos’ livestreaming. So far most clients are international, but local companies might follow and utilize the streaming for public announcements, town hall meetings or hearings about time-sensitive topics. The key feature is that a very large group of people can participate in live meetings.

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