Live Auctions, Betting and Bidding with nanoStream


Auction and bidding are great use cases for interactive live streaming!

Connect your live audience worldwide to your auctioning or bidding events, to provide worldwide market places for your online bidding businesses!

Use nanoStream Cloud, nanoStream Software and H5Live Server and Player to easily connect all bidders to your platform!

For an interactive use case such as live auctions or betting, the latency should be as low as 1-2 seconds to comply with the regulations. With the nanoStream browser-based encoder and the H5Live Player, latency around 1 second and a worldwide stable streaming distribution is possible.

Start your free trial of nanoStream H5Live Player today!

Our customers create various use cases using our nanoStream mobile SDKs, nanoStream WebRTC and H5Live Player:

  • outdoor live real estate auctions
  • indoor studio auctions
  • online sports betting and gambling.