nanoStream SDK for iOS 4.8.7

nanoStream 4.8.7 for iOS Release Notes

  • improvements and bug fixes for low level live streaming
  • improved auto-reconnect of rtmp player
  • fixed keyframe config in BintuStream sample code
  • Updated support for external cameras: DJO OSMO

  • changed default H264 profile level to main autolevel
  • added setting to set maximum latency for player
  • improved performance with internal logging
  • improved performance for adaptive bitrate control
  • fixed artifacts when resuming playback of a stream
  • changed: key frame distance is now set in seconds instead of number of frames
  • added key frame distance measurement to nanostreamAVCRtmpCaptureSession statistics
  • fixed endless buffering when trying to playback a stream, if main profile is used
  • added setting to configure the H264 rate control (off by default)
  • added support for audio input from bluetooth devices
  • added map view for BintuStream
  • fixed orientation issue for BintuStream
  • added new crop modes CropTo568x320
  • fixed orientation bug on broadcast restart
  • added pinch to zoom feature to BintuStream Sample

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