nanoStream 4.8 Release

nanoStream 4.8 Cross-Platform Release Notes

nanoStream 4.8 is available now for existing and new customers. The Live Encoder and Player Software update includes improvements for low-latency end-to-end live streaming for cross-platform usage, improved meta data handling and many more improvements, including our stream management platform.

Our new WebRTC engine with H264 support and HTML5 low latency playback technology is also available for private preview now.

live streaming Schema.png

nanoStream SDK 4.8 for iOS

  • improved meta data sample for auto-rotating the player like periscope
  • improved end-to-end latency (RTMP Playback)
  • added meta data functions to player
  • improved broadcast session restart
  • improved streaming with external audio devices
  • added audio support for external audio devices 4.8.1
  • added latency statistics for RTMP Player
  • improved player latency for bad network conditions
  • added local recording to BintuEncoder sample app
  • added tap to focus to BintuEncoder sample app
  • improved handling of incoming calls and entering background for BintuEncoder sample app
  • added new crop modes CropTo160x90, CropTo192x108

nanoStream SDK 4.8 for Android

  • Added support for meta data handling in RTMP Player
  • Improved RTMP Player latency

nanoStream Web Plugins 4.8 for Windows and MacOS

  • add snapshot and capture device check (chrome native extension)
  • audio level/preview/listen
  • Allow non-admin use of screen sharing
  • Improved screen sharing for Windows and MacOS
  • Improved internal message handling
  • Improved setup/install process and error handling for cross-browser usage and white labeling

nanoStream SDK 4.8 for Windows

  • Improved Adaptive Bitrate encoding technology
  • Improved samples for end-to-end live streaming and playback
  • Improved meta data handling
  • Improved Quicksync encoder
  • Improved bitmap snapshot and device check

nanoStream SDK 4.8 for MacOS

  • added Adaptive Bitrate Control (ABC)
  • Added stream statistics and login to sample broadcaster nanoStream WebRTC Client/Server 3.6
  • Updated to latest WebRTC specifications and engine
  • Improved connectivity and error handling
  • New! H264 support for encoding, communication and passthrough streaming (private preview)

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