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nanocosmos|Professional Broadcast & Studio Software - High Quality, High Performance Audio-/Video-Codecs (Coding and Decoding) - Video-Compression for all formats like MP4, AVC, H.264, MPEG-2, DVCPRO, XDCAM, IMX

High Quality, High Performance Audio and Video Software Products for broadcast studios and professional video production. HD encoding and decoding, video and audio compression and conversion. Standalone applications for Developers and OEM, H.264/AVC/MXF/MPEG codecs and more.

We are specialists for all kinds of audio/video codecs (encoding and decoding), including MP4 / AVC/H.264, MPEG-2, DVCPRO, XDCAM, IMX and more. We can provide the optimal solution for your requirements.

MPEG-2 Broadcast SDK

Encoding and Decoding of MPEG-2 based Broadcast formats like IMX and XDCAM HD and generic MPEG-2 formats like DVD, DVB/ATSC and HDTV. Wrapping and Unwrapping components for container formats MXF and MOV/QuickTime. › more

AVC/H.264 Encoder SDK

The AVC/H.264 Codec is a high performance video codec. It may be licensed by End Users, Digital Video Professionals, Developers and OEM customers. › more


The QuickTime DVCPROHD Source DirectShow Package allows playback of QuickTime (MOV) packed DVCPROHD video files with all WindowsMedia Player-/ DirectShow based applications.
› more

QuickTime IMX Decoder

The QuickTime IMX Playback components for QuickTime and DirectShow allow easy playback of QuickTime IMX video files with Windows. › more

Other codecs and OpenSource

Besides our own codec products, 3rd party and OpenSource alternatives are possible as well, for example Windows Media, Adobe Flash, ffmpeg, mplayer, etc. Our own codec products are developed and licensed by ourselves and independent from OpenSource solutions.


Here you find informations to our Licensing models › more

H.264 Video Codecs

Our H.264 Video Codecs are compatible to HTML5-Standard and modern Web technologies like Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Flash Video.


All codecs are optimized for high performance and are available for Windows, MacOS and Linux.


Beside Windows, MacOS and Linux we develop for mobile platforms like Symbian, WindowsMobile, iPhone and Android.