1. Overview
  2. Video Encoding
  3. Live Video Streaming
  4. Custom Development

nanoStream 3D Live Video Encoder

  • Live Streaming for Live Events
  • Browser based live streaming to Flash clients
  • Digital Signage
  • Business applications like Medical Systems, Surveillance
  • Mobile Streaming (iPhone compatible)
nanoStream 3D Live Video Encoder
Produkt Information:
Standalone Application One-time license fee. Custom Integration / SDK To use the SDK and distribute applications you need to obtain the following
  • Developer License (SDK)
    With the Developer License, you will get a documented SDK including shared library objects (DLLs), interface specifications, header files and source code samples to develop video coding applications.
  • Redistribution License (Royalties)
    For redistributing video coding modules with your application, a per-item additional royalty license is needed. You may also get flat fees for high sales volumes. Please contact us for further information.

We provide professional developer support for custom integrations.

Further information: Service and contact.  

nanoStream 3D Live Video Encoder

High Performance Video Coding Solutions for Realtime Streaming and Broadcast

nanoStream 3D Live Video Encoder is a video software for 3d stereoscopic video encoding from multiple camera views. The Encoder is based on a modular architecture with Direct Show Filters and Codecs.

nanoStream 3D Live Video Encoder is available as Development Kit for integrating live video encoding and streaming functionality into custom applications.

Live Media Encoding for H.264 / Flash, MPEG-2 HD and WMV nanoStream coding components are used for encoding to H.264, MPEG and WMV (WindowsMedia) video and streaming to Flash based streaming servers. HD video streaming over UDP is possible. All components are optimized for high performance based on latest generation multi core CPUs. nanoStream may be licensed by Professional users, developers and OEM customers.

Major Features
  • 2D and 3D stereoscopic live content and video material
  • 3D-video compatible to polarisation displays with left/right, up/down and interlaced structure
  • Color Anaglyph mode for display-independent playback (compatible to "Youtube 3d" mode)
  • High quality mobile streaming to iPhone and other devices possible (H.264 based)
  • Highest Quality Codecs for H.264 and MPEG HD Encoding and Streaming, Flash compatible
  • Full-HD video support
  • Compatible to many standard video devices
  • streaming protocol compatible to Flash Media Server / Wowza Media Server (RTMP)
  • HD video streaming with MPEG-2 over UDP
  • Encoder Architecture based on modular DirectShow filters and plugins
  • Encoding and Streaming Application and Plugins for Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Safari, Chrome
  • Special support for high quality HDMI input devices (e.g. Blackmagic Decklink)
  • DirectShow filters and SDK available with reliable licensing conditions

  • Live Video Encoder Application
    Easy-to-use interface for encoding and streaming from several video source
  • Live Video Capture Active-X Control
    Compatible with Internet Explorer and other ActiveX technologies Javascript, C++, NET/C#, VisualBasic, Delphi, and others
  • Live Video Capture NP Plugin
    Plugin for Mozilla/Netscape based browsers, Javascript interface (Firefox, Safari, Chrome)
  • H.264 High Quality video codec
    DirectShow video encoder filter for encoding live video to H.264 (Multicore supported)
  • 3D-Video mixer
    for stereoscopic video: Interlaced/Side-by-side/Top-bottom/anaglyph
  • MP4 File Writer
    For creating MP4 files with H.264 support
  • RTMP Stream Writer
    DirectShow filter compatible with FlashMediaServer and Wowza Streaming Server
  • UDP Streaming
    Streaming components for HD video streaming in Local Area Networks: Point-to-Point, Broadcast, Multicast support
  • WindowsMedia Encoding and Streaming
    Streaming component compatible to Microsoft WindowsMedia Video Formats:
  • Additonal Extensions Available:
    • Overlay Filter for blending of, Texts, Bitmaps, Tickers, etc.
    • Desktop Grabber Filter for Application Streaming e.g. Games
    • Remote Control Function for Keyboard Feedback
    • Player/Client for DirectShow/Applications or Browser-Plugin or Flash based


The nanoStream solution is available as an installable application and as a software developer kit for integration into custom applications.

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