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QuickTime DVCPRO HD Decoder

for Formats
  • DVCPRO HD (FourCC: dvh1, dvh2, dvh4, dvh5, dvh6, dvhp, dvhq)

The Codec Packet contains 2 components:

QuickTime DVCPRO HD Decoder für QuickTime for Windows

Der QuickTime DVCPRO HD Codec für Windows erlaubt Ihnen die Wiedergabe von QuickTime DVCPRO Dateien in allen QuickTime basierten Anwendungen insbesondere dem QuickTime Player, Avid Media Composer, Premiere und Adobe After Effects.

Der Codec ist eine QuickTime Decoder Komponente. Das Dekodieren geschieht mit Hilfe von nanocosmos entwickelten speziell optimierten Algorithmen.

QuickTime DVCPRO HD für Media Player / DirectShow

The QuickTime DVCPRO HD DirectShow Package allows playback of QuickTime (MOV) packed DVCPRO HD video files with all WindowsMediaPlayer-/DirectShow based applications. Installation of the QuickTime Player is not required.

Direct Show Filters:
  • File Reader for QuickTime DVCPRO HD Files
  • DVCPRO HD Video Decoder Filter

Latest Changes Quicktime DVCPRO HD Decoder

  • Improved compatibility with editing applications based on the Apple QuickTime framework, e.g. Avid Media Composer, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Support für DVCPRO HD video types dvh1, dvh5, dvh6

Application Scenarios:

  • You want to play back video files in QuickTime DVCPRO HD format
  • You are working with FinalCut for MacOS and would like to playback the created DVCPRO HD Video Files with Windows systems
  • You want to edit/playback DVCPRO HD files in Windows based editing programs like QuickTime Player, Avid Media Composer, Premiere und Adobe After Effects.

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  • Realtime Playback of QuickTime DVC PRO HD Video Files
  • Frame-Accurate Seeking


  • Windows
  • MacOS (on request)


  • QuickTime 7 System Installation

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What is DVCPRO HD?

DVCPRO HD also known as DVCPRO 100.

DVCPRO HD is a video format for digital studios. The video compression of DVCPRO HD is similar to consumer DV, but with a higher bit rate.

DVCPRO HD video files are sometimes packed into QuickTime MOV files or the MXF file format.