1. Overview
  2. Video Encoding
  3. Live Video Streaming
  4. Custom Development

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Our research & development services perform requests for high technological products in various areas.

For any solution you need, we can setup a R&D team to help you. Research areas may be writing technical papers or expert's reports about latest technology innovations, comparison studies about available technologies, and more.

Platforms and Technologies

  • DirectShow, VideoForWindows, Linux, Quicktime, MediaCenter, ffmpeg
  • Windows, Linux, MacOS, Solaris, Symbian, WindowsMobile.
  • C / C++ , .NET, C#, ObjectiveC / Cocoa, Java/JavaScript, VisualBasic, Delphi, AJAX/PHP and others. For special requirements we also use hand optimized Assembler (SSE2, SSE4, etc.).

As a member of the Intel® Software Partner Program we can quickly take advantage of advanced Intel technologies and development tools.

Software Optimization

Your code runs too slow? We will test and optimize it!

Codec Development

Based on our own Research & Development, we provide several video and software codecs.

Mobile Development

Custom Development for mobile devices (cellphone), WindowsMobile, Symbian (Nokia, Motorola, etc.)

Streaming Development

Development of streaming applications based on our own or on third party components.

MPEG Encoding and Editing, CD and DVD Authoring

Custom MPEG1/2/4/7 solutions at most profiles up to HDTV using software encoding. DVD Authoring based on standard video compression methods.

DirectShow and Quicktime Development

Development of Multimedia Solutions based on DirectShow (Windows) or Quicktime (Windows and Apple MacOS).

Web 2.0

Internet Web and browser based applications with AJAX, PHP, .NET, etc.

Location Based Services

Applications which support position data from GPS, Bluetooth and other devices. Integration of map and database services such as GoogleMaps.

Software Driver Development

Software and Hardware drivers for Windows, Linux and MacOS

Speech processing

We know all the big providers of speech technology, text-to-speech and speech recoginition systems, and may setup custom systems for any speech applications.