mpeg codecs and video kompression
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Based on our core technology, we support our customers in any video processing solution they need.

We know all kinds of codecs and can provide you with any suitable solution for your requirements. Use our consulting services for any video technology you need.

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Codecs - Video Compression

We are specialists for all kinds of audio/video codecs (encoding and decoding) and video compression.

Codec Products

Based on our own Research & Development, we provide several video and software codecs. Our focus is on high performance and high quality on any platform. Supported platforms are Windows, MacOS and Linux, as well as special configurations like embedded and mobile platforms (Symbian, WindowsMobile, iPhone, etc.).

Besides our own codec technology nanoPEG which supports MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and H.264, we provide solutions for any 3rd party codec vendor, such as RealVideo, WindowsMedia, VC-1, FlashVideo, and more.

Our codecs support Full HD resolutions and more, X-HD and Digital Cinema resolutions (2K and 4K) are possible.

  • H.264
Originally invented as an extension to MPEG-4 ("Part 10"), H.264 aka AVC is now the state-of-the-art codec which provides most advanced encoding technologies.
  • MPEG-4
MPEG-4 also has been supported by nanocosmos since its invention in the late 1990s. The very complex MPEG-4 standard with support for 3D scenes and shaped-based coding has been focused on special applications like mobile video and streaming. Most modern mobile phones support MPEG-4 video.
  • MPEG-2
Our MPEG-2 codec has been developed for several years and provides a stable and independent solution for software based video coding. Since its first release 1998, it has been enhanced regularly and made available for modern platforms such as Intel MultiCore (CoreDuo) based Windows and MacOS systems.

Codec Quality
Most modern codecs allow flexible encoder implementations. That means that encoding quality is very much dependent on the used technology. Especially methods like "motion estimation" and "bit rate control" influence encoding quality a lot. nanoPEG technology uses its own inventions for internal encoding methods and thus results in most advanced video quality.

nanocosmos Benefits
  • High video quality
  • International standards such as
    ISO MPEG, MPEG-1, -2 , -4, H.264
    or proprietary standards such as
    Adobe/Macromedia Flash Streaming (Flix/VP6/VP7).

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