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nanoAVC/H.264 Video Codec

A useable application scenario may be:
  • Playback of compressed video files (Decoding)
  • Compress Video File to AVC/H.264 formats (Encoding)
  • Realtime encoding to H.264

AVC/H.264 Codec|VideoCoding
Product Information:

Licensing model
To use the module and distribute applications you need to obtain the following
  • Developer License
    With the Developer License, you will get a documented module including shared library objects (DLLs), interface specifications, header files and source code samples to develop video coding applications.
  • Redistribution License (Royalties)
    For redistributing video coding modules with your application, a per-item additional royalty license is needed. You may also get flat fees for high sales volumes. Please contact us for further information.

  • For developers we offer professional support for systems integration.

    As specialists for Digital Media and Information Technologies we also offer our own development solutions and consulting in all areas of digital audio/video processing.
    Please ask for our assistance if you have any problems.

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    nanocosmos AVC/H.264 Video Codec

    High Quality and High Performance Video Coding with DirectShow and Quicktime for Windows and MacOS

    nanoAVC/H.264 Codec is a high performance video codec available for Windows and MacOS. It may be licensed by End Users, Digital Video Professionals, Developers and OEM customers.

    nanoAVC/H.264 Codec is available in separate packages::

    Major Features

    • ISO 14496 Part 10 (MPEG-AVC) / ITU H.264 compliance for many profiles and levels including Baseline, Main and High
    • Highly optimized software coding with support for latest CPU generations
    • Real-Time encoding and Multi-Core support
    • Wide range of applications from Mobile Phones (3GP), Portable Devices (iPod etc) up to Professional HDTV

    Architecture / Platform

    • Windows: DirectShow and Quicktime
    • MacOS: Quicktime
    • Low Level SDK based on frame buffers (DLLs for developers)
    • DirectShow based codec architecture based on most recent Microsoft DirectX technology.


    • DirectShow Codec for Windows XP/Vista
    • Quicktime Codec for Windows XP/Vista and MacOS-X/Intel platforms

    • The nanoAVC/H.264 Video Codec is available separately as video and audio encoder, decoder and multiplexer for Windows and MacOS-X Intel platforms. For Windows, ready-to-use codecs are available as DirectShow filters.

    All codecs support the latest CPU technology by Intel and AMD (SSE2/SSE3/SSE4 and DualCore/CoreDuo, AMD Athlon64).

    Realtime Encoding from Capture cards is supported.

    Ask for special configurations like VCM, Video for Windows and others

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