1. nanoStream Toolkits
  2. nanoStream Application
  3. Licensing/Distribution
nanoStream Live Video Encoder
Platform Win Mac
Price per Platform ask ask
Desktop App / Graphical Interface
Server Deployment
Encoders included
H264 Software Encoder
H264 Quicksync Encoder (Intel HD Graphics)
H264 CUDA Encoder (NVIDIA) [* ask for availability]
AAC Audio
File writers included
MP4 File Writer / Local File Archiving
Streaming Functions
RTMP Streaming, including Authentication to CDN
RTMPT Tunneling, Firewall Traversal, Proxy Detection
Automatic Reconnect, 24/7 Operation
Adaptive Rate Control
Streaming to Backup URL or local file
Multi-Encoder [* new in nanoStream 3 ]
Decoders and Other Streaming formats
H264 and MPEG Decoder
RTSP Streaming
UDP-TS Streaming
HLS Streaming [* ask for availability in upcoming release ]
WMV (WindowsMedia), supported
WebM ()
Video Device Formats and Effects
Full HD Compatible to HDMI and SDI devices
Switch 2 Live Video Sources
Video Mixing, Picture-in-Picture, Video Overlays
Screen Sharing
Load/Save XML Profile
Development / Distribution
Server Deployment possible
Support and Updates
Price including updates and support