EGR Industry Predictions January 2022

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Demand for interactivity in livestreaming & a shift to recreational gaming and betting


Oliver Lietz, Founder of nanocosmos: Demand for interactivity in livestreaming

The coming 12 months will see virtual communication remain important and a continuous demand for interactivity in livestreaming will be expected. Demand for a quality experience and service will also remain high so providers will have to continue to push the boundaries in order to deliver this to operators and ultimately their players. In addition, we see an increased need for the protection of livestreaming content, which requires a reliable platform and technology to manage and avoid potential misuse.

Operators will also require greater insights into livestreaming data, based on their global operations with customers accessing their service from any device. This is incredibly important information that allows them to make the right decisions quickly, not only for technical purposes but also for business intelligence.

Mobile play will continue to dominate, but operators will have to find ways to deliver seamless player experiences across different network conditions and bandwidths entirely browser-based. 5G has the potential to push online gambling to an even wider global audience.

This will align with players demanding greater quality from streaming; especially on mobile. To provide this, operators will become increasingly reliant on robust livestreaming platforms and powerful technologies in order to make sure they can reach players anywhere, anytime and provide truly engaging and entertaining interactive experiences.

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