nanoStream H5Live Player Release 4.9.2

Release Notes

This version comes with several small improvements and fixes.

  • An infinite loop related to error code 1004 is now prevented. It occurred if play or pause was triggered before the player setup was finished. This non-critical error 1004 has been changed to a warning.
  • Providing the correct Mac OS X version for player metrics has been improved and a wrong detection of unsupported Chromium browsers on Mac OS X has been fixed (introduced in 4.9.1).
  • An error on iOS with the keepConnection option enabled has been fixed.
  • A small fix for the style option related to the displayed height on mobile devices has been done for the view.



  • Change non-critical error 1004 to warning "A pause call has been ignored since the player has not been set up successfully."
  • Provide correct Mac OS X version to player metrics
  • Correct player height on mobile devices if set to true


  • Prevent infinite loop related to error code 1004 in case of play/pause before player is ready
  • Unsupported browser detection for Chromium on Mac OS X if codecs not present (introduced in 4.9.1)
  • Playback starts on iOS with config.playback.keepConnection set to true

Release Package 4.9.2


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