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Emerging Trends 2020

Live Concerts can be streamed while letting the audience cher, chat and vote from home
Live Concerts with remote audience feedback









New trends have evolved in the live streaming industry involving audience interaction. As a result of the pandemic situation in 2020, a lot of event-based applications can only be executed in the digital world with audiences participating remotely. This applies to e.g. townhall meetings and music/ event-based platforms which have taken advantage of nanoStream Clouds end-to-end live streaming solution including the new nanoStream H5Live Player (now with Adaptive Bitrate Playback).

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About nanocosmos / nanoStream Cloud

nanocosmos is the leading provider of an integrated, white label, ultra-low latency live streaming solution for commercial live streaming providers. With our live streaming platform, nanoStream Cloud, you can enable new interactive use cases and create new business opportunities: live streaming that is set up to allow audience participation and interaction. nanoStream Cloud delivers a unique combination of software, global CDN services, live player including ABR and Analytics.