nanoStream H5Live Player 4.3: ULL – Adaptive Bitrate is now available!

We are glad to announce that we have reached a new level of live streaming with our recent player update!  The new nanoStream H5Live Player Version 4.3 now includes Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) playback, enabling automatic and seamless stream switching, all based on Ultra-Low-Latency Live Streaming (ULL) on all browsers!. This feature automatically adapts to any given network situation and avoids buffering as well as frame drops. This way, your viewers will always have the best possible stream quality according to their internet connection and they will not miss any important piece of your content due to long buffering times!

It is very easy to get started: you will only need to send either two different streams to the cloud or a high quality one and we (via cloud) will do the transcoding. Keep reading to learn more!

Why do you need this?

Imagine your auction house has clients around the globe betting on a certain product. If one of your viewers has an unstable internet connection and the stream starts buffering, he/she will probably miss the right moment to decide on continuing to bet or not. The ABR feature will eliminate this scenario.

How can I take advantage of this?

Now that nanoStream H5Live Player is included in our nanoStream Cloud, you do not have to add anything else to your account. Only be sure you do have the latest player version. To start using the new ABR feature, you have two options: 

  • send us two live streams with different stream qualities and bitrates from your own live encoder
  • or a send us one high quality live stream and let us do the live transcoding for lower qualities and bitrates for you

For both options, the player will decide to pick up the right stream quality automatically. 

You can find the nanoStream H5Live Player 4.3.2 release page here.

What is nanoStream h5Live?

nanoStream H5Live is a unique live streaming distribution technology integrated into nanoStream Cloud and it’s global ULL CDN. It enables interactive use cases with audience engagement, based on ultra-low latency values of 1 second at a global scale. This includes the unique H5Live Ultra-Low-Latency HLS (ULL-HLS) Format for Safari on iOS. 

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