COVID-19 Update

Important things first – we are here to help

The pandemic has turned the world upside down and many are affected dramatically already because of illness, the loss of a loved one, loss of a job or because daily work life turned into a nightmare. But everyone seems to be waiting for new ordered measures to take. We would like to take a break here and stop marching: What can we do to help? Recently we announced our offer to support local business during the crisis with free live streaming with nanoStream Cloud’s new “Berlin Webcaster”.


It is not business as usual, but it is running remotely and smoothly

 “Only leave the house if it is really necessary”, “ create as little risk as you can” – duly noted and fully executed. Without any major disruptions, service and operations have been running fully remotely and smoothly at Nanocosmos. That was March 2020. We will continue to offer our nanoStream Cloud platform including support service 24/7 and develop our products further to provide the most complete ultra-low latency live streaming platform for interactive applications.


Prepared for April 2020

As so many employees are working from home and webcasts are growing exponentially, video conferencing tools like Zoom and Skype have become increasingly important. Did you know that nanoStream Cloud can be easily used in combination with other streaming tools like Zoom to reach large audiences globally?

Find out how to Combine nanoStream Cloud and Zoom for large scale webcasts

Have you missed the opportunity to gather everyone in one room lately or would you like to add a large town hall meeting to your current business updates? nanoStream Cloud offers excellent live video streaming quality while reaching viewers globally. This is something that common streaming applications do not feature. Use it for public announcements, town hall meetings, hearings, or gatherings about time-sensitive topics. Just recently, Deutsche Bahn (DB Netz AG) decided to use this offering to communicate their projects to public groups.

How to live stream with nanoStream Webcaster and nanoStream Cloud

Access the free trial for local businesses located in Berlin:

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