How to use nanoStream Cloud to stream video conference meeting with Jitsi or Zoom

Video conferencing is nowadays a very important tool with so many people working or studying from home. For joining a video-based meeting room, you can use several products, like Skype, Teams, GotoMeeting, Jitsi, or Zoom. Most of them are based on downloadable software products with a clear use case: collaborating and speaking full-screen in a meeting room with a group of team members, colleagues or students.

To share meetings and presentations with larger groups and external viewers,
you may want to send your conference to a live streaming platform.
Social media platforms like Youtube Live or Facebook Live have their own branded environment and require 3rd party accounts. Also their end-to-end latency is not enabled for interactive applications.

Embed a video meeting on your own web page and engage larger audiences!

How can I just send a video conference or meeting to my own web site and create my custom branded live streaming web site to interact with my audience?

You can do this with nanoStream Cloud!

We integrated with conferencing products like Zoom or Jitsi. You can run your meeting with these products and share a live stream to any audience!

We already used this with our own jitsi setup for a live interview.

With this approach, you can setup your own branded video meeting web site, and share a live stream with any web based audience!

Please contact us for details!

Technical Background

What happens then?

The video meeting will remain in the closed group of the video call (Zoom or Jitsi).

The whole meeting is captured and sent out to the live streaming platform for distribution to larger audiences on any web page.

The nanoStream Cloud and H5Live Player solution enables audience engagement by keeping the latency (delay) between the video meeting and the live stream very low.

How to use Zoom with nanoStream Cloud

What you need:

  • a nanoStream Cloud account
  • a Zoom account

You need a Streaming URL and Stream Name (also called Stream Token) from nanoStream Cloud. You can obtain this URL and Stream Name Information from either the nanoStream Cloud Dashboard ( or you might receive this information from our support.

  • Create a zoom meeting
  • Go to settings and enable “Allow Live Streaming Meetings”
  • Enable “Custom Live Streaming Service”
  • Start the meeting
  • Open the “Meeting options with “More…”
  • For the custom live streaming service
  • Copy the nanoStream “Ingest URL” and “Stream Name” to the Zoom config
  • For the web playback URL, use the Web Playback H5Live URL (you can also leave it open)
  • Share the playback URL with your audience
  • Start the meeting
  • In Zoom, click open “Live Stream on Custom Live Streaming Service”

Now your meeting is live at nanoStream Cloud!

See the pictures below for further information.

Please get in touch with us for further questions!

Zoom Configuration

Zoom Settings
Zoom Live Streaming Settings
Zoom-Meeting: Streaming
Zoom Custom Streaming Settings / URLs

How to get a nanoStream URL and Stream Name

Here you see screen shots of the bintu dashboard (

nanoStream Cloud / bintu stream info
Web Playback URL

Contact us to learn more and help integrating nanoStream Cloud into video meetings!