IBC 2019 Recap: what’s next?

IBC 2019 has passed and we had a wonderful time in Amsterdam. It was a busy week for our team, but full of fruitful discussions and valuable learnings!
For those who didn’t join the show or the ones who did join but would like to follow up, we have put together a full recap of our days in the Netherlands.

New features: taking interactive live streaming to a new level with nanoStream Cloud at IBC 2019

As previously shared here, live video streaming with ultra-low latency (ULL) is becoming more and more popular in the media environment to boost audience engagement, promote content gamification, and go beyond typical broadcasting applications to open up new business opportunities. As media companies, broadcasters, and other vertical markets (Auctions, Gaming, Webcasts) look to interact directly with global audiences on any desktop and mobile device, having a flexible, scalable, ULL solution is critical.Having that said, at this year’s IBC we were happy to announce new and updated features for our interactive live streaming platform nanoStream Cloud:

  • H5Live Player for ULL playback on any mobile and desktop browser, including Safari on iOS
  • Scalable ULL CDN with global footprint
  • Analytics and Metrics for improved QoS and QoE
  • ULL multi-bitrate (MBR/ABR)
  • Tagging / Secure Streaming / Synced Playback
  • Transcoding / Live Recording / Screen Sharing
  • Works with enterprise/firewalls
  • Easy to integrate to existing live streaming workflows
  • Flexible live encoding with nanoStream Webcaster of other RTMP live encoders
  • Instant live streaming for multiple streams / 24/7 operation

Haven’t you tried nanoStream Cloud yet?

Panel: Streaming live events: when it MUST be all right in the night

Oliver Lietz, nanocosmos CEO and Founder, joined the panel session “Streaming Live Events: When It Must Be All Right In The Night” at the Content Everywhere Hub. Together with other panelists, he spoke about the importance of low latency live streaming for eSports and Live Sports and how content gamification plays an important role when engaging audiences.

Interview: Oliver Lietz presents nanoStream Cloud for interactive live streaming with ultra-low latency for IABM TV

Oliver Lietz has presented nanoStream Cloud and its new features at IBC 2019. You can find the full interviews below.


We hope you were able to stop by our booth and that you enjoyed IBC 2019! If you couldn’t make it but still would like to meet us this year, we will be at the Sigma Show in Malta in November. Otherwise, keep up with 2020 events at www.nanocosmos.de/events.