Best Moments – NAB Show 2019

Another year has come and gone and the #NABShow 2019 is now over. Like every year, we’ve seen companies from around the globe bringing the newest – and probably the brightest – innovation in the the broadcasting world. Overall, one thing is certain to say: live streaming technology has never been so interesting as it is now.

If you’ve been there, you know. Walking through the South Halls, specially through the Connected Media IP area, was overwhelming. The advances in live streaming have enabled several new business opportunities, and companies around the globe are interested in gamifying their content or creating interactive use cases, such as Live Auctions, iGaming, Webcasts, Security or even Retail.

It is time to round up the biggest live streaming trends at the NAB Show, and how we at nanocosmos are making it happen:

Ultra-low latency

Have you ever realized how much you could do if you could interact live with your viewers? Ultra-low latency keeps being a hot topic in the industry, and will definitely keep enabling new use cases.

Ultra-low latency for us means 1 second end-to-end. Anything more than that would impact the interactivity. Our nanoStream Cloud relies on H5Live Player to take your live streams around the world in 1 second. Learn more about how the technology works here.

Device compatibility

Just check the hashtag #NABShow. People are full time posting and connected through their mobiles. Thus, reaching your viewers on any device plays a major role in this game. After all, you don’t want to miss any viewers, do you?

With our nanoStream Cloud & H5Live Player your live streams will be played plugin-free on any HTML5 browser, including Safari on iOS.

Global reach

CDNs were definitely everywhere around NAB. Scaling to large audiences around the world are an important prerequisite for powerful content delivery technologies. However,  CDNs alone are often not enough to achieve ultra-low latency.

With nanoStream Cloud we offer not only a worldwide presence through our Points of Presence, but also the unique H5Live Player to take your live streams around the world in 1 second.

Analytics and Metrics

At the #NABShow we’ve seen several companies bringing video analytics to help you with your live streaming workflow.

However, we want to make it easier for you. We have presented for the first time at NAB our new nanoStream Cloud Analytics and H5Live Metrics. By adding it, we provide valuable insights over the entire live streaming workflow with the easiness of relying on only one technology. It is time to focus on QoS!

And how about you? What do you think were the biggest trends in live streaming at the #NABShow?

Our CEO and founder, Oliver Lietz, has given several interviews and sessions during the show and shared his insights and ideas. Check below!