It is time for Ultra-Low Latency: nanoStream Cloud & H5Live Player at Streaming Media West!

Streaming Media West, 13-14 November, Hyatt Regency, Huntington Beach, California.

Streaming Media West is coming, and we are super excited to be on the West Coast and show you some of the great use cases we have been enabling with nanoStream Cloud & H5Live Player.

After attending the most important shows of 2018, we have seen Interactive Live Streaming taking off. The amount of new use cases coming up with the help of ultra-low latency solutions is encouraging, and we are proud being part of it with nanoStream Cloud & H5Live Player. iGaming, Live Auctions, Webcasts, Online Shopping, Trivia Game Shows and eSports are just some of the use cases we work together with our partners to enable user engagement!

At Streaming Media West, we will be able to talk about your use case and how to make it more engaging. Moreover, you will have the chance of a hands-on demonstration, and to learn more about the unique technology behind nanoStream Cloud & H5Live Player. A short spoiler:

  • Device compatibility: playback on all HTML5 browsers, including Safari on iOS
  • Scalable: any audience size
  • Global: ULL CDN with PoPs around the world
  • Complete: add nanoStream Apps and SDKs for a complete solution
  • Plugin-free: end-to-end browser-based workflow with nanoStream

Book your meeting now, and take the chance to speak to one of our Interactive Live Streaming experts to go live around the world in 1 second!

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Don’t forget to join the panel sessions with nanocosmos CEO, Oliver Lietz:

November 13, 2018
2:45 PM – 3:30 PM
LS104: The New OTT Experience
Moderator: Luke Carriere
Rich Affannato
Oliver Lietz
The next generation of live streaming applications is bringing in the new breed of OTT networks. No matter how many options there are, viewers just seem to want more content. Today’s audiences are becoming an active part of the live experience. Interacting with hosts and chatting in the comments can often be just as entertaining as the show itself. Many OTT applications are finding interactivity and low latency more of a requirement than a wish-list item. Today’s OTT players are reimagining what it means to be a platform.
November 14, 2018
10:30 AM – 11:15 AM
DT201: The rise of Interactive Live Streaming Use Cases: how nanoStream Cloud and H5Live Player enable you to engage with your global audience
Oliver Lietz
Trivia Quiz Shows, Live Auctions, iGaming, eSports, Webcastings… Interactive live streaming use cases are definitely taking off. Are you prepared to engage your global audience on any device? In this session, Oliver Lietz, nanocosmos CEO, will discuss the best practices in Interactive Live Streaming and describe to you how nanoStream Cloud and H5Live Player will deliver your live streams in any HTML5 browser incl. Safari on iOS with ultra-low-latency around the world!

See you in California!