nanoStream H5Live Player Release 3.1

H5Live Player Release 3.1

H5Live Player Release 3.1 works in combination with H5Live Server 1.7 and later.

Release History:

improvements for playback on iOS devices with low-latency HLS.
adaptive buffer control to achieve smooth playback while attempting to keep the latency as low possible.
buffer tweaks for iOS

Improved stability for play detection and pausing behaviour.
Fixed: user gesture required detection for mobile
hide media errors if pausing/paused
enable usage of event handler functions without defining an event object parameter
Added video tag destroy
Fixed: iOS: remove source on pause to disable multiple stream connections
check media source for mime type support
fix playback suspension with video-only streams in Chrome > 57
Improved stable playback resuming after pause
resume playback also if PLAY is called while pausing
replace deprecated unescape/escape with …URIComponent
Improved stream start
Fixed preventing the stream position from moving back in time on iOS devices
signalling of pause state reasons
API Change: do not auto-fallback to nanoStream Cloud
h5live.server configuration object is now mandatory,
API Change: configuration of the rtmp url for the fallback to flash player,
the source.rtmp object, has been removed. Instead the rtmp url and stream name from the source.h5live.rtmp object will be used

Improved pause: last video frame can be kept displayed (‘style.keepFrame’)

Support for playback of audio only streams has been added (at least server version 1.7 required).
An audio symbol can be displayed during the playback of an audio only stream.
The related configuration option is
‘style.displayAudioOnly’ = [true/false], which is enabled by default.
Added audio only support
add new public event ‘onStreamInfo’ with an streamInfo object about audio/video in the stream (‘style.displayAudioOnly’ (default = true))
add new state PAUSING to protect pausing phase
new server event onRandomAccessPoint to enable stable seeking to keyframes in IE/Edge
removed external code from source code incl. config etc.
removed rtmp source for flash, instead use the rtmp object from h5live source as fallback

adjusted minimum buffer for ie/edge
more stable start behaviour
frame drop handling only for Firefox
destroy player on new setup call