nanoStream H5Live Player 2.8

H5Live Player Release 2.8

Release History:

quality metrics for firefox to detect frame dropping and bandwidth issues.
Fixed playback start on start buffer.
Added quality handler for firefox with frame drop detection/handling.
Fixed user gesture error on Android 5/6.
removed deprecated single/double tap logic
added simple click event

Release Notes
improvements for playback on safari.
The stream does not stops anymore in case of large gaps in buffer
or unexpected pause calls. It is added a handling to keep low latency playback
in case of multiple buffered ranges by a seek over buffer gaps
Added a handling to prevent playback stopping on unexpected pause calls.
Added a handling to seek over buffer gaps to keep low latency playback. This does not apply for iOS.
Fixed google map parsing in multiplayer demo

Added google maps to demo with nanoStream Cloud and
enable video tag re-use

remove doubleclick interaction
disable mobile autoplay in demo
buffer value change for stable playback on IE/Edge, framerate dependent
add multiplayer for nanoStream Cloud &
buffer improvement for ios
webpack build
native script tag, require, commonjs
separate demo html’s for native and require load
destroy function
native hls playback enabled for safari
remove online dependency for flashplayer (relative path)
remove online dependency for external code
Added controls play/pause, time mute/unmute, volume, fullscreen
events for mute/unmute/volumechange
buffer control for ios
added IE/Edge support
user gesture handling on mobile
new pause reason/state/error
check config for source object

Added playback with video scaling modes letterbox, crop, fill, original, resize
responsive view (playbutton/buffersign/errorsign) sizing should depend on player size (small/bigger player -> smaller/bigger signs)
fullscreen per doubleclick/doubletouch
(ie/edge), more buffer on lower framerates
ios 10 metadata
enable/disable metadata
playbutton, buffersign
configuration errors
fixed cross domain load