Firefox 52 disables NPAPI plugins support

In the newly released Firefox 52, all plugins built on the old NPAPI technology are disabled by default, except for Flash, which Mozilla plans to support for a few more versions.

NPAPI stands for Netscape Plugins API and is used by the nanoStream Web Browser Plugin for live encoding with H264/AAC/RTMP.

You can still proceed using plugins with a configuration option.

Further, Firefox ESR (extended support release) will continue to enable plugins by default.

nanoStream Plugin is still supported in browser environments for business customers using it on Internet Explorer for Windows, and on Safari for MacOS.

But for full true cross-platform plugin-free live streaming, we strongly recommend to

  1. use WebRTC for plugin-free broadcasting, which is a great technology to use on the browsers that support it. Use nanoStream for a full live streaming solution or integrate it into your existing streaming workflows.
  2. use the nanoStream H5Live Player for plugin-free live playback with ultra-low latency. The player is supported by all browsers for glass-to-glass latency around 1 second! and H5Live are both part of our nanoStream Cloud and Server environments, for a complete plugin-free live streaming experience with ultra-low latency!

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